FAQs: Used Equipment

Does Inductotherm offer “used or refurbished” equipment?

We re-manufacture and update used furnaces and power supplies to like-new condition therefore we do not use the terms used or refurbished whenever possible. We will make the necessary upgrades to the equipment for your application, and it will pass through the same rigorous test procedures as any new system.

What is the difference between used, repaired, refurbished and re-manufactured induction melting equipment?

We have found that not all induction equipment suppliers treat used equipment the same. It is our belief that equipment should be recycled to get the most life out of each component but that the sum of these parts is critical and the end results should be customized for the new customer/application. Inductotherm does not sell used equipment. We will repair customer equipment or refurbish/re-manufacture complete furnaces or power supplies for customers as required to provide enhanced upgrades and retrofits. However, equipment that has been either brought back in on a trade or has been purchased through auction to be used by a different customer/application will never only be repaired. These units must go through Inductotherm’s complete re-manufacturing program to ensure that it is updated with more efficient components and today’s current safety standards.

I found a used Inductotherm power supply for sale. Can I use it for my application or on my existing furnace?

The power supplies and furnaces are designed to work together and may not be compatible with the furnace coil you have, the lining material you plan to use, or the metal you are melting. Although they may look the same on the outside, the internal components may be very different depending on the application. Inductotherm’s Legacy Program covers: all equipment that was built 15 years prior to the current year; or equipment that is purchased by someone from a third party, regardless of age; or equipment still owned by the original purchaser but in a facility that had been closed and has been reopened or they have moved the equipment to a new facility. The Legacy Program was established to continue providing service and support to all Inductotherm equipment for the duration of its operation. Contact your District Manager for more information on our Legacy Program.

If I purchase a used unit, will Inductotherm support the equipment with parts, service, and technical support?

Inductotherm has established a Legacy Program dedicated to used equipment acquisitions, as described in the previous question. The Legacy Program is operated with your safety as the top priority. We will perform an on-site inspection of the equipment to verify the system is equipped with the latest safety features, evaluate whether the system is suitable for your intended purpose, and verify that we can properly support the equipment for you moving forward. Upon completion of the Legacy Program, you will be recognized and supported as a full customer of Inductotherm. Contact your District Manager for more information on our Legacy Program.

Why is Inductotherm’s “used” equipment more expensive than other used equipment resellers?

Most used equipment manufacturers purchase used equipment and then resell it “as-is” to the customer or with slight upgrades. Our “used” equipment is completely re-manufactured and re-qualified for the new application. Every component is removed, inspected and upgraded/replaced as required at our plant and fully tested to ensure that it is in like-new condition and will offer like-new performance.

Does Inductotherm take existing equipment as trade-in towards new equipment and, if so, how can I determine the value of my used equipment?

We do take existing equipment as a trade-in. Please contact your Inductotherm District Manager for more information to determine the value of the equipment.

I saw used equipment at an auction. Is it safe to buy?

Purchasing used equipment from an auction or plant closure carries inherent risks. It may have unseen internal degradation or freeze damage, missing components (or components replaced with incompatible parts), or loose connections. Many may not be compliant with the latest NEC (National Electric Code), may not have necessary safety devices, or may not be suited for your intended use. Refurbished equipment purchased from Inductotherm does not carry any of those risks, since the equipment is updated, refurbished and completely retested specifically for you.

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