Safety for the Foundry Industry

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Induction Foundry Safety Fundamentals Guide

This guide might save your life! Available in both English and Spanish, this guide describes general safety information. The goal of this guide and the complete Induction Foundry Safety Training Kit, described below, is to make all foundry workers aware of the lifesaving precautions that must always be taken whenever metal is melted.

Foundry Safety Guide in English | Foundry Safety Guide in Spanish | Foundry Safety Guide in French

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Foundry Safety Video 

This video, also available in English and Spanish, has been created to complement the Induction Foundry Safety Training Guide, not replace it. All foundry workers must be made aware of the lifesaving precautions that must always be taken whenever metal is melted. Be sure that personnel have read the guide thoroughly and have all appropriate personnel in your organization read and follow the instructions carefully. This video can be used in addition to the Induction Foundry Safety Training Guide only.

Foundry Safety Video in English | Foundry Safety Video in Spanish | Foundry Safety Video in French

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Foundry Safety Test and Answer Key

Are you and/or your employees properly trained to work in an induction foundry? It’s hard to ever know for sure. Therefore, we’ve created the “Induction Foundry Safety Fundamentals Test and Answer Key” which is provided to you to be used as part of your training program. The questions are based on the subjects covered in the “Induction Foundry Safety Fundamentals Guide That Might Save Your Life” and the accompanying DVD.

Foundry Safety Test in English | Foundry Safety Test in Spanish

Foundry Safety Answer Key in English | Foundry Safety Answer Key in Spanish

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Searching for the complete Foundry Safety Kit?

At Inductotherm, we want every foundry employee, owner and supervisor to become knowledgeable about the safety hazards associated with melting metal. For this reason, we have created the Induction Foundry Safety Training Kit and have made it available for free to all foundries, whether they have Inductotherm equipment or not. The complete kit includes:

  • The Induction Foundry Safety Fundamentals Guide
  • The Induction Foundry Safety Fundamentals DVD
  • The Induction Foundry Safety Fundamentals Test and Answer Key

Contact us to request a complete Safety Training Kit.