Melt Shop Automation and Diagnostics

Take control of your foundry or melt shop with our automated melting control systems that monitor and control the melt, diagnose faults, optimize power usage, minimize power charges and perform a variety of tasks to provide more control for complete melt shop control. With advanced automation and diagnostic systems developed specifically for Inductotherm induction melting equipment, you can trust that you will have the data you need at your fingertips.

Advanced melt shop automation provides its users in the metal industry with the competitive edge to repeatedly produce with high accuracy, while at the same time optimizing power usage, automating many functions, and improving operational safety.

These technical advancements of monitoring and control systems provide operators, managers and service engineers with analyzation tools that give them more control, and improves the quality of their melt shop with anything from real time data for advanced troubleshooting to advanced controls for maximum utilization.

On some systems, data can be accessed remotely – anytime, anywhere – via an easy to use colorful graphic interface. The data will show your equipment’s health status and provide access to diagnostics, historical trends, and analytics that enables them to react immediately to changing conditions by being able to monitor energy usage, furnace lining conditions, power levels, and other critical electrical parameters, charge weight, temperatures, alarms and more.

Technologically advanced equipment is designed to reduce costs, and improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of the induction melting process.

Melt system controls are available in various levels of features and capabilities that can help you enhance your melt shop operation.