Inoculation Systems

Inoculation systems often require both equipment—iNoc™ Inoculating Equipment—and verification software—Visinoc® Inoculation Monitoring and Verification Systems—to ensure that this critical process is properly achieved.

The Visinoc®  system can be packaged as a stand-alone system or it can be integrated with Inductotherm’s Visipour®  P³®  (Predictive Pour Performance) pouring control technology. Since the system looks only at the discharge tube and the inoculant particles, it can be adapted to virtually any manufacturer’s inoculation system.


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Our automatic inoculant distribution equipment delivers when you need it—directly before the pouring flow enters the mold. Our precision-based iNOC™ inoculating system entails a remarkable increase in the quality of the piece and an important savings in the costs of the process.


The Visinoc™ system monitors the inoculation process accuracy by using vision to improve operational quality and reliability. The Visinoc™ system is a vision-based inoculation monitoring and verification package that analyzes the feeding of inoculant particles into the iron pour stream. In addition, the system also checks that the inoculant discharge tube is properly aligned with the pour stream.