IRIS® Systems

The IRIS® (Inductotherm Refractory Image Scanning) System is an advanced, LiDAR-based furnace refractory imaging and profiling system which can be used to detect general refractory wear or build-up on a furnace.

The IRIS® System provides valuable data that can be used for analyzing the lining wear. Foundries and melt shops can now scan furnace linings, monitor lining wear and store key data in real time using the IRIS® System. The system can enhance safety, prolong the life of the induction coil and make furnace maintenance easier.

Monitoring lining wear can help extend coil life. In theory, wear on refractory should be uniform, however more wear often occurs at the slagging interface and where the sidewalls join the bottom. The benefits of the IRIS® System and monitoring lining wear is to enhance safety and maximize furnace utilization while minimizing the risk of using a furnace with a lining in poor condition. Although this cannot replace visually inspecting the furnace lining after each melt for signs of lining wear and/or build-up, the IRIS® System can be used to visualize the lining wear over time.


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Four operations and functions are performed:

1. The Baseline Scan is the longest and is taken after a new lining is sintered.

2. The Production Scan is a quicker scan that is taken routinely during the life of the lining.

3. Monitoring of the Lining happens in real time. The system compares the latest production scan with the baseline scan to generate lining wear statistics and diagnostics.

4. Storing Data Analytics is key. The IRIS® System keeps a history of the latest scans for records and reports on past/current and predicted future lining wear or build-up.


The IRIS® System uses a LiDAR to generate key data which is protected in an air-cooled, heat protected housing. Typically, a mechanical arm swings over the furnace however the IRIS® System can be mounted to a variety of equipment already in operation on the melt deck. Contact Inductotherm for custom solutions.