Closed-Circuit Industrial Coolers

Water Systems with Closed-Circuit Industrial Coolers have many advantages and are ideal for cooling in any climate for a wide variety of reasons.

Reasons include no condensation problems, no coolant contamination, and minimum corrosion, scaling, and electrolysis. These systems can be configured into a variety of different systems depending on the cooling requirements of the system. In a typical dual-loop system, VIP® Power Supply Unit cooling is achieved through a heat exchanger coupled to a furnace cooling tower loop. An industrial tower is often used to cool the furnaces because it provides the greatest cooling power in the least amount of space, as well as expelling the most heat.


Inductotherm Corp.

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Standard FeaturesOptional Features
Able to Cool Multiple UnitsBasin Heaters
No Condensation Problems When Used with a Diversion ValveBasin Sweeping System
Minimum Corrosion, Scaling and ElectrolysisAutomatic Water Treatment Systems
Internal Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger for Ease of Installation
No Coolant Contamination
Completely Closed-Loop Pressurized Circuit
Water-Cooled Design
Reliable Year-Round Cooling
Abnormal Temperature Protection
Audible and Visible Alarms
Full-Access Water Pumping Modules
Fan Cycling Controls for Reduced Power Usage

Tech Specs

Factory Tested
Critical Components

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