Dry Air Coolers

Water Systems with Dry Air Coolers (DAC) cut both operating and maintenance costs and are easy to install and maintain.

One major benefit to water systems with Dry Air Coolers is that they operate with zero water discharge. These simple, recirculating systems can provide excellent, year round cooling and are a closed-loop, air-cooled design. They typically consist primarily of a pump, hydronic tank, deionizer and an outdoor mounted water-to-air heat exchanger. They provide ideal cooling for many pieces of Inductotherm equipment and especially in climates where the dry bulb is at or below 100ᵒF (38ᵒC). A trim-cooler option is available for hotter climates that may occasionally exceed the limitations of a standard dry air cooler.

Another great option offered by Inductotherm is our fan cycling package. This upgrade allows only as many fans as is required to operate during given conditions to reduce your overall power consumption. By converting to a water-saving system, such as a dry air cooler, external water requirements can be reduced significantly. This will reduce melt shop operating costs and address environmental concerns associated with water usage.


Inductotherm Corp.

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Standard FeaturesOptional Features
Zero Water DischargeTrim Coolers for Additional Capacity
No Condensation Problems When Used with a Diversion ValveFull-Access Water Pumping Modules
Minimum Corrosion, Scaling and ElectrolysisFan Cycling Controls for Reduced Power Usage
Low Maintenance Costs
No Coolant Contamination
Completely Closed-Loop Pressurized Circuit
Air-Cooled Design
Reliable Year-Round Cooling
Emergency Cooling Capacity During Power Failures
Abnormal Temperature Protection
Audible and Visible Alarms

Tech Specs

Factory Tested
Critical Components

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