Our Commitments

We are Committed to Our Customers

At Inductotherm, we believe that Metal is what YOU make of it and we are honored to be a part of our customer’s journey as they use our products to facilitate these transformations every day. Metal is the material foundation for the world we live in. We celebrate the importance, its uniqueness, and the infinite number of ways in which it makes our lives better. Once transformed, metal can be a thousand different things and we are proud to work with our customers as they innovate and build a better world.

We are Committed to Quality

As the world’s largest manufacturer of induction melting systems, Inductotherm pledges to provide quality equipment for our customers and all their melt shop needs. Our dedication to this ongoing pursuit is what sets us apart from the competition. Our commitment to quality can be found in our quality policy which is simple: We give you the competitive edge by providing the best in customer service, quality and reliability, value, design and technology. 

We achieved ISO 9001 certification in the U.S. in 1993 and have maintained that certification without interruption. ISO 9001:2015 covers all aspects of company operations, from sales and engineering to manufacturing and servicing to project management and installation. Our Quality Policy is achieved each day through people, excelling, innovation, teamwork, pursuing details, two-way communication and pride in our company.

We are Committed to Our Industry

At Inductotherm, we believe that education and research make a difference. Because of this, we strive to support industry organizations, chapters, publications and companies that share our goals, whenever possible. We are proud to support numerous associations and organizations that are vital to our industry, because together we can help the metalcasting industry continue to advance. Inductotherm Corp. is proud to have numerous corporate and individual memberships throughout the U.S.A.

We are Committed to a Sustainable Society

As a business, it is critical that we take responsibility for the world we live in and make a commitment to contribute to a sustainable society each day. We continue to cultivate green initiatives in pursuit of new ways of reducing non-recyclable waste, increasing energy efficiency, as well as reducing and eliminating environmental hazards in our daily business operation. In addition, we never stop learning and searching for new opportunities. We continue to apply our gained knowledge to our designing and manufacturing processes to develop the most energy efficient products for our customers.

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