High Temperature Graphite Heating

Induction Technology Provides Fully Controllable and Precise Zoned Temperature Control

Induction coil on wooden pallet

An induction heating power unit with the ability to provide precisely controlled and zoned power to a susceptor was first developed in response to requirements of the high temperature composite material manufacturing industry.

In carbon-carbon manufacturing and vapor deposition processes, maintaining the desired temperature profile within the susceptor was absolutely necessary in order to achieve maximum productivity. Areas that were too hot or too cool produced unusable product.

The induction unit developed to meet this need was a single induction power supply with two, three or four multiplexed power outputs. Each system output was connected to an individual zone on the coil that would heat a specific area of the susceptor. During each power distribution cycle of the system, the time that power was applied to the individual zone of the coil affected the amount of heating which took place in the corresponding part of the susceptor. Because of its ability to provide precisely controlled zoned power to heat each part of the susceptor, its comparatively low capital cost and its minimum space requirement, this multiplexed system quickly became the standard for susceptor heating in the high temperature composites industry, with many systems operating today.

Inductotherm Induction Heating Systems

Inductotherm builds most of the world’s zoned induction heating coils and multiple output power supplies used in the manufacturing of ultra-high-temperature advanced materials such as carbon-carbon. We know that when it comes to graphite heating, maintaining the desired temperature profile within the susceptor is absolutely critical in order to achieve maximum productivity. That’s why our systems allow manufacturers to fully control the temperatures at all levels of the hot zones in which the processing takes place.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of induction metal melting systems for metal producers today, Inductotherm has built more than 36,500 melting and heating systems for metal and metalcasting producers around the globe.

Inductotherm offers our clients the industry’s highest level of expertise, support, and services. Contact us anytime.

Graphite Heating Systems are ideal for CVD, CVI and carbon-carbon composite applications.

VIP® Multi-Switch Induction Power Supply Units provide full and precise zoned temperature control for graphite heating applications.