Complete Solutions for All Your PGM and Precious Metal Needs

Whether you recycle, melt, alloy, refine, process or cast the full range of precious metals, including the platinum group metals (PGM), Inductotherm builds the ideal induction system for you. 

What Matters to YOU When You Melt Precious Metals?

We recognize that even the smallest metal loses and metallurgical impurities are extremely costly which is why we ensure our technologies increase metal recovery and lower processing costs in each step of the cycle. We know this because Inductotherm manufactures a complete line of clean and highly efficient electric induction melting systems used in processing precious and platinum group metals for refining, scrap melting, jewelry manufacturing and other applications. With the range of precious metals applications spanning not only the jewelry industry, but medical, chemical and automotive industries as well, the efficiency and cost effectiveness of induction melting with Inductotherm equipment has become vital to the production of these metals.  

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Striving to Build the Best Induction Furnaces and Systems for Precious Metal Melting

Bulk Melting Furnaces:  Best Choice for Large Cast Bars

Some induction melting furnaces manufacture large cast bars through bulk melting furnaces and the liquid metal is then poured directly into the mold. This reduces the chance of any temperature loss. Molten gold or silver is then poured through a soft gas flame into a pre-heated and dressed bar mold (generally made of cast-iron) of the required size. These furnaces offer high operational efficiencies with a wide choice of capacities. The Dura-Line® furnace is designed for rugged use, high-power density melting and offered in a budget-friendly package for gold and silver refining and casting. The Small-Capacity Steel Shell furnace has full shunt cover coverage which, together with the steel shell, reduces EMF emissions and have cast ceramic mix tops and bottoms with high magnetic permeability reinforcement.

Inductotherm Dura-Line Furnace
Inductotherm Dura-Line Furnace

The Quickest Way to Melt the Smallest Amount of Metal Almost Anywhere 

Quick-Trak™ Induction Melting Systems  are compact, easy to operate and virtually silent. They are designed for melting non-ferrous and precious metals and can be used virtually anywhere with proper ventilation. This single crucible furnace is made up of 10 kW and 15 kW power configurations.  These units feature fast and economical induction melting, integral crucible furnace, alloy and metal capacity flexibility, are designed for 100% duty cycle and have IGBT technology. They allow customers to melt small amounts of precious metals quickly and cleanly using induction melting, which significantly reduces metal loss, as compared to gas-fired melting systems. 

Tunnel Furnaces:  Excellent for Small Cast Bars

Horizontal Induction Tunnel Furnace (HITF) Systems allow many small gold or silver cast bars to be manufactured at the same time and this furnace can also be automated. Several molds grouped together are fed into an induction furnace for melting at a controlled temperature of 2200°F/1200°C.  When the metal has melted, the molds are then pushed gradually through a cooling tunnel. Solidification and subsequent cooling occur in a protective atmosphere. When these molds exit the tunnel, the small cast bars with shining surfaces are removed. Approved bars are marked, as required, with the designated weight, purity, official stamp/certification mark and serial number. Bars must be of good appearance and meet standards for good delivery.

Table-Mount, Manual Tilt-Type Furnaces: Ideal for small amounts of platinum and other precious metals.

Mini-Melt® furnaces are the most popular for melting precious metals. They are lightweight by design and heavy on quality. The most energy efficient types have integral crucibles and have either trunnions for one-man pouring or forked shanks for two-man pouring. These table-mounted and hand-operated furnaces are built with materials that provide exceptional structural strength and reduced weight, key factors in furnaces designed to be moved and poured by hand.

Inductotherm Mini-Melt Furnace

Removable Crucible Furnaces: Offer greater flexibility and convenience.

Push-Out Furnaces are quick and efficient melters with high frequency induction power. For greater flexibility when changing alloys, several removable crucible furnaces are available with either lift coil or single and multiple push-out configurations. In Lift-Swing furnaces, the entire coil and furnace assembly is raised by hand over the crucible, which is then handled with a set of tongs. Push-Out furnaces are designed so the crucible is raised from within the coil using water power and is grasped for pouring. Double Push-Out furnaces utilize a switch to transfer power from one coil to another for almost continuous melting.

Inductotherm Push Out Furnace

Inductotherm Lift Swing Furnace

Family of VIP® Power Supply Units: The Fastest Melting Systems in the World

Our VIP® Series of Induction Power Supply Systems provide continuous full power for the fastest melt time with guaranteed melt rates up to 16,500 kW from cold charge to pouring temperature and melts more pounds per kWh and kVA for lower melting costs and greater productivity. These units feature an advanced control board, a color touch-screen LCD display for direct access to key systems status information, rugged high-powered SCRs, closed-loop deionized water system, door safety interlock, full-access water pumping module, AC line spike suppressor, heavy copper bus bars, multi-level capacitor protection and much more. The VIP® Power-Trak® systems are the most efficient units on the market today melting more metal in less time, with less power and for more profit giving our customers the competitive edge. In addition to our VIP® units which use SCRs, we also offer IGBT-based units. VIP-I® Series of Induction Power Supply Units are available in a wide range of power levels, up to 2,000 kW and at frequencies from 60 Hz through 10 kHz and are suitable for a wide variety of furnace sizes, alloys and other charge material. These units feature advanced IGBT power components, husky copper bus bars, precise and responsive digital controls, informative diagnostic functions and can be fully configured with a variety of options.

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