Boost Heating Systems

Boost Heating Systems are perfectly adapted for rapid changes of steel temperature during the thermal cycling in annealing furnaces. Induction heating equipment can also be used for preheating the strip furnace entry by effectively “boosting” the capacity of the line.


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Boost Heating Systems are compact and can be supplied in powers up to 7,000 kilowatts. Proprietary technology for UNISEAL® sealed induction heaters maintain the required atmosphere around the strip and include proprietary preassembled design for UNISTRIP™ induction heaters, which minimizes installation and commissioning time. Other advantages include:

  • Higher efficiency, even on thinner gauges, because of our high-frequency inverter
  • Inductor can be located pre-furnace, mid-furnace, or post-furnace, depending on desired heating profile
  • Axial Flux systems for heating to 700 °C and Transverse Flux systems for heating above 700 °C


Standard FeaturesOptional Features
Proprietary Sealed DesignHorizontal or Vertical Arrangement
Coil is Outside the Furnace

Tech Specs

CapacitiesFactory Tested
Up to 7,000 KilowattsCritical Components
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