Copper & Copper Alloy Melting

From the moment copper ore is excavated from the earth until it is shipped as finished product, a variety of thermal processes are used to change the metallurgical properties and physical shapes of copper-based metals.

Thermal processes play an important role in manufacturing products from copper and copper-based alloys. Because of its speed and precision, induction heating technology is ideal for many of these operations.

Benefits of Induction Technology for Copper and Copper Alloy Producers & Casters:

  • Precise metallurgical and temperature control
  • Faster/More efficient melting
  • Inherited homogenous stirring
  • Low metal loss
  • Minimal gas pickup
  • Environmentally clean process
  • Friendlier work environment vs. fossil fuel furnaces

Why Inductotherm?

Inductotherm is the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of induction melting systems, with more than 4,500 installations built to serve the copper industry.

Our melting system customers include the world’s largest producers of copper and copper alloys. They also include many cast shops and foundries, large and small, producing virtually every copper-based product, from wire and tubing to marine fittings and fine arts castings.

These systems range from an 80 Ton coreless tilting furnace, used to cast giant bronze ship propellers, to removable crucible furnaces, used to melt a few kilograms of brass. With their highly efficient power supplies and advanced engineering, Inductotherm channel and coreless melting systems set the world standard for productivity and reliability.

Complete Solutions for Melting Copper

In addition to induction furnaces and power supplies, we manufacture a wide range of automated charging systems. These systems allow charging to keep pace with the rapid melt rates of today’s furnaces. We also offer computerized melting control and melt shop management systems featuring an easy-to-operate graphical user interface.

Our precise automatic pouring systems keep pace with today’s fastest continuous or indexing mold lines. Using a variety of computerized controls, ranging from joystick systems to fully automatic vision systems, Inductotherm automatic pouring technology increases yield and casting quality while reducing operating costs.

Alloy Manufacturing for Copper, Brass, Bronze, and More

Alloy Manufacturing

Ingot producers depend on Inductotherm systems for multiple alloy flexibility and product uniformity. For ingot makers, the correct amount of induction stirring is a key factor in producing ingots that are metallurgically homogeneous from start to finish of each batch. Our induction melting systems are designed to produce the best level of stirring for each customer’s application.

Automated Systems Built by Inductotherm

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase production
  • Enhance quality

We’re Here for YOU 24/7/365

From removable crucible furnaces, used to melt just a few pounds of brass for custom castings, to casting giant bronze ship propellers, we build furnaces and complete melt shop systems for virtually every copper and copper alloy application.

Inductotherm offers our clients the industry’s highest level of expertise, support, and services. Contact us anytime.

Inductotherm induction furnaces offer superior performance and outstanding durability for all your melt shop needs regardless of the size of your foundry, melt shop or facility.

Our material handling systems are designed to deliver charge materials to the furnace quickly, ensuring maximum furnace utilization and efficiency of your induction melt system.

With decades of technological leadership in automated pouring, Inductotherm is helping foundries increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Inductotherm Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) Furnaces are designed specifically for operation in high vacuum environments and include vacuum-adapted construction methods and the industry’s most advanced coil and connector dielectric insulation technologies and procedures.