FAQs: Spare Parts

How can I identify a part (or part number) that I need?

By locating the IP (Inductotherm Part) number which, whenever possible, is listed on the part itself. Part numbers can also be identified by referring to the drawings or the spare parts list that was supplied with the equipment or by sending a digital picture to our Inside Sales Dept. for assistance. Our experienced Inside Sales staff can identify parts using a verbal description or a photograph. Always have your unit’s serial number handy.

Where can I find the serial number?

All units are shipped with a data plate that includes the serial number. This is usually located on the outside of the unit or inside the control door. Many units will also have an aluminum plate with the serial number etched into it, riveted to the frame of the equipment.

How do I know what spare parts to keep in stock and how many of each I need?

We will be happy to compile a list of spare parts for your particular equipment, taking into account its type and age that will help ensure minimum downtime for you.

How can I know if an electronic component is close to failing?

There is no way to evaluate the life of electronic components. That is why we always recommend that an adequate supply of spare parts be maintained at each foundry location.

What is your warranty?

Our standard warranty is 12 months from commissioning or 18 months from shipment, whichever occurs first.

Can I substitute Inductotherm parts with other parts I find on-line?

We don’t recommend it. You should maintain your system’s high level of quality, reliability, safety and performance by using only recommended and authorized OEM parts. Failure to do so will void equipment warranty and can cause equipment malfunctions, resulting in equipment and/or property damage, including risk to personnel.

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