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What is the difference between Inductotherm Corp. and Inductotherm Group?

Inductotherm Corp. is part of the Inductotherm Group. Inductotherm Group brings together some 40 companies strategically located around the world all sharing a focus on serving the metals and materials industry. All are leaders in their respective disciplines. Inductotherm Corp. designs and manufactures the most advanced induction melting, heating, holding and pouring systems for virtually all metal and material processing.

I’ve seen other logos similar to yours (i.e., Thermatool, Radyne, Inductoheat, etc.). Are you related?

Yes. Inductotherm Corp. is part of the Inductotherm Group. Inductotherm Group brings together some 40 companies strategically located around the world which all share a focus on serving the metals and materials industry and all are leaders in their respective disciplines. For a complete list of all the Inductotherm Group companies, visit www.inductothermgroup.com.

What industries can take advantage of induction technology?

If your industry needs heat… Let’s meet! Induction technology can help a wide range of industries and Inductotherm Group companies are able to help in almost every case.

Can you help me get into other parts of the manufacturing process – like heat treating a part after it is cast and hardened?

One of the major advantages that Inductotherm can offer its customers is the Inductotherm Group. Inductotherm Group companies provide a wide variety of equipment and services that allow every industry to process metals from melting through casting, heating, rolling, drawing, forming and shaping into their final products. Contact your District Manager who can help connect you with the sister company that can best serve your needs.

What’s the maximum temperature an induction furnace can reach?

Induction furnaces do not have a limit to the temperature they can melt and/or heat. However, the refractories and materials that contain the heated or melted material have limitations. The highest temperature typically reached in open air is about 3300°F for a platinum melt. In controlled atmospheres, heating of graphite can achieve temperatures in excess of 5000°F.

What types of metals/materials can an induction furnace melt/heat?

Induction equipment can melt/heat virtually all metals and materials including, gray and ductile iron, steel, copper and copper-based alloys, aluminum, zinc, reactive metals, precious metals, silicon and graphite. If the material to be heated is electrically conductive and resistive, it will couple with the magnetic field and can be heated, inductively. In the cases where the material is non-conductive, a susceptor may be used to provide the energy to heat non-conductive materials.

Can I melt both ferrous and non-ferrous with the same melting system?

Always check with your District Manager to confirm if any changes to the melt system are required. The melt system may have been designed specifically to melt most efficiently either ferrous or non-ferrous applications and, therefore, may require modification to handle materials it wasn’t originally designed for with the same efficiency and productivity. Note that your refractory supplier should be contacted to make certain your refractories are appropriate for the metal you are melting.

Do you manufacture your equipment outside the U.S.?

Our corporate headquarters is located in Rancocas, NJ, and we manufacture and assemble equipment at this location for both domestic supply and export. In addition to our facility in the U.S., we have additional manufacturing facilities in 17 other countries around the world for installation into their local regions. Additional locations for service, parts and repairs are in place around the world so that we can truly provide you with the best service and support in the industry, wherever and whenever you may need it.

I am looking for a system to heat treat castings. Can you help?

Inductotherm is part of a larger family of companies, the Inductotherm Group. We have sister companies which manufacture high-quality equipment for a variety of applications, including heat treating, welding, mass heating, etc. We would be happy to connect you with the company that can best help you meet your needs.

Does Inductotherm supply complete vacuum heating and melting systems?

Inductotherm Corp. supplies vacuum induction equipment including induction power supplies, furnaces, coils, shunt packages, and power transmission components. However, a complete vacuum system, including components such as chamber and vacuum pumps, would be supplied by a vacuum system supplier or system integrator.

What are the typical utility requirements for an induction system?

We can connect our equipment to any typical 3-phase electrical power-distribution system. A transformer may be required to step the voltage up or down depending on the source voltage.

What is the largest system Inductotherm has installed?

To date, we have built the following: 85 tonne tilting coreless furnace; 320 tonne stationary coreless furnace; and 250 tonne channel furnace. But we see no limits to what can be supplied.

How long does an Inductotherm induction melting system last?

With normal maintenance, virtually forever. However, as with any technology, you reach a point where the new technology gains in efficiency, reliability and support and so new equipment should be investigated to keep your operation competitive.

How many locations does Inductotherm have around the world?

We set the world standard for customer service and support by providing truly “global yet local” support to all our customers. We have 18 manufacturing facilities, 65 sales/service locations and 44 representatives in 50 countries. This is how we offer unparalleled technology, service and support.

How many systems do you have installed today?

Inductotherm has nearly 37,000 melting and pouring systems installed in 133 countries. This number continues to grow to satisfy our customers’ growing markets, and we continue to grow with them. Every day we continue to develop new and better applications from A to Z (aluminum to zinc) to support the metals and materials industries worldwide.

What is the yearly maintenance cost of a melting system?

Our systems are designed to have minimal downtime and so most costs will be from consumables and not spare parts.

Why should I buy from you when your equipment costs so much more than everyone else’s?

In one word – Value. We manufacture the highest quality equipment that is built to the strictest standards. When you invest in Inductotherm equipment, you are provided with a system that will give you the best melt rates available which in turn provide you with the best return on your capital investment. When comparing ‘cost per ton’, Inductotherm equipment beats the competition every time. Our equipment truly does provide you with the competitive edge and will increase your bottom line.

What’s your address?

Our shipping address and physical location is 10 Indel Avenue, Rancocas NJ 08073 USA. Our mailing address is 10 Indel Avenue, P.O. Box 157, Rancocas NJ 08073-0157 USA. While Inductotherm is headquartered in Rancocas, New Jersey, we have manufacturing and service facilities around the world which helps us to set the world standard for customer service. Depending on your location, you can reach out to any of our facilities.

What are your hours?

Our Customer Service Departments around the world provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call our toll-free technical support hotline 1.888.INDUCTO or 1.800.257.9527 here in the U.S.A. anytime and speak with a fully qualified and knowledgeable member of our service team for quick and professional assistance. Our standard office hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.

What is induction?

When single-phase alternating electric current (AC) from an induction power unit flows through a coil made of copper tubing, an electromagnetic field is produced that induces an alternating current to flow in the metal charge inside the furnace. Resistance to that current flow produces heat that rapidly causes the metal to heat or melt.

How is induction different from gas-fired/fuel-fired?

Combustion furnaces and induction furnaces produce heat in two entirely different ways. In a combustion furnace, heat is created by burning a fuel such as coke, oil or natural gas. The burning fuel brings the interior temperature of the furnace above the melting point of the charge material placed inside. This heats the surface of the charge material and the refractories, causing the metal to melt. Induction furnaces produce their heat cleanly, without burning fuel. The current flow in the metal causes it to heat and melt from within itself. With induction, you heat the charge directly, not the surrounding space.

What is inductive stirring?

In an induction furnace, the metal charge material is melted or heated by current generated by an electromagnetic field. When the metal becomes molten, this field also causes the bath to move. This is called inductive stirring. This constant motion naturally mixes the bath producing a more homogeneous mix and assists with alloying. The amount of stirring is determined by the size of the furnace, the power put into the metal, the frequency of the electromagnetic field and the type/amount of metal in the furnace. The amount of inductive stirring in any given furnace can be manipulated for special applications if required.

What are the advantages of today’s latest induction melting technology?

The highest electrical efficiency ever available coupled with tremendous reliability.

I have an Inductotherm system from the 1970’s and it still works; how do I know when I should upgrade?

Because technology continues to advance, we highly recommend that you contact your District Manager to review efficiency/support enhancements. While your system may be running, it may not be as efficient as today’s equipment and upgrading may greatly enhance your safety and productivity as well as efficiency.

What new technologies are being offered by Inductotherm?

There are many new products and upgrades that can be added to your system to increase its productivity, safety, and reporting capability with minimal investment so it is a good idea to keep in contact with your District Manager for our latest technologies. Another good resource is our website. It is updated frequently with our latest products, upgrades, news and articles, and we suggest you navigate through the site often.

Can I have a quote for a melting system?

We will be happy to send you additional information on our equipment and a quote. Please fill out the on-line form, or contact us by some other manner, so that we can better understand your project goals.

What is the lead time on your equipment/parts?

It varies. We stock some smaller VIP® and VIP-I® power supplies along with a large inventory of parts (that include difficult to find and long lead time components) to ensure the fastest delivery time and maximum up-time at your installation should you need a spare part. Your District Manager can give you an estimated ship date on new equipment. Lead time on parts can be given to you by our Inside Sales Dept.

Can you improve your lead time?

Once we have your order, we do our very best to manufacture your equipment as quickly as possible, without sacrificing any quality. The best way to shorten delivery times is to work closely with your District Manager and let us know your time restraints from the beginning.

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