FAQs: Service and Support

Does Inductotherm have Service Engineers throughout the United States?

Yes. In addition to our Field Service Engineers that work out of Rancocas, NJ–we also have employees that work out of other parts of the country to ensure that we offer our customers the fastest response. We are well-known for our immediate service.

Can I call at any hour of the day?

Of course. Our Service and Technical Support team is available 24/7/365. After our main office hours, service phone calls will be directed to our on-call technician.

How fast can you get to my site and are there extra charges to arrive quickly?

Inductotherm never applies additional fees for our quick response and we strive to have someone to your site within 24 hours. Response times do vary based on employee availability however we have the largest and most experienced service team in the industry so we can begin supporting and troubleshooting your concern as soon as we get your call.

I heard that Inductotherm has service and support all over the world. How do I know who to call?

You can always contact Inductotherm Corp. and if we will help you locate the Inductotherm facility closest to you and get you the support that you need. For immediate support, contact us directly by clicking here.

Can your service team work on other equipment that was not manufactured by Inductotherm?

Inductotherm service personnel are highly trained and experienced on our particular equipment. They may not be sufficiently versed in the specific aspects of another manufacturer’s equipment to offer the same level of effectiveness they bring to working on our equipment.

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