FAQs: Power Supply Systems

How can I determine if my unit is still operating at its peak efficiency?

Checking the current melt rate and line kVA draw versus what it was when it was new will show efficiency level. If you need assistance, please contact your District Manager who can provide you with additional assistance. Periodic preventative maintenance service as outlined in the manual supplied with the equipment is recommended to ensure equipment is working at peak efficiency.

How does a power supply system’s control board work?

The control board monitors the power requested by the operator and controls the firing of the SCRs or IGBTs in order to maintain the requested power throughout the melting/heating process. Additional sensors provide feedback to the control board to ensure the system operates within the design limits.

How long do capacitors last?

Capacitor manufacturers have made tremendous strides in providing designs with a long life. However, capacitor life is still very much a function of the cooling water temperature. Verifying proper operation of your recirculating water system will do more than anything else to ensure maximum capacitor life.

I have an older Inductotherm melting system (i.e., Tri-Line, LineMelt, Mark I, II, II, IV, Nine-Line, Main-Line, etc.). Is there any newer technology that has replaced this one?

We have specific replacement solid-state power supplies for all of these older technologies that are easier to repair and offer increased efficiency and reliability over these older technologies as SCR and IGBT technology continues to advance.

Why do I need a power supply to run an induction furnace?

Induction furnaces are a single-phase AC device. The power supply takes standard 3-phase 50 or 60 Hz power available from the utility companies and converts it into single-phase power at the most desirable frequency for the application.

Can you put an Inductotherm power supply on existing competitive furnaces?

Absolutely. We would be happy to upgrade all or part of your existing melt system based on your requirements.

How many furnaces can I connect to a power supply?

Based on the type of power supply and the application it was built for, a finite number of furnaces can be connected through mechanical and/or electrical switch systems to the power supply system.

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