Aftermarket for VIP® Power Supply Systems

Can you afford the ultimate price of buying a rebuilt or used power supply system from an unknown source? Don’t risk it when we are just a telephone call away.

Talk to Inductotherm First

Call us for expert advice and cost-effective solutions. Our service technicians are best equipped to help you keep your Inductotherm power supply system in top condition. They are available for remanufacture, rebuild and preventive maintenance. Each of our technicians are supported by a network of support staff and the latest diagnostic tools. This ensures that your system is raised to the most technologically advanced level.

Unmatched Service

Our customer service team provides unparalleled service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call our toll-free technical support hotline anytime and speak with a highly qualified and knowledgeable team member. We are standing by to provide you with quick and professional assistance.

Consider the Advantages of Remanufactured Equipment by Inductotherm Corp.

  • Full design evaluation to ensure you receive the most recent updates available at the time of remanufacture
  • Full evaluation feedback to customer, reviewing areas of concern and suggestions for corrective actions
  • Priority production handling to reduce turnaround time and lost production
  • Factory field service and technical support
  • Updated drawings and instructions for VIP® remanufactured power supply units
  • Lowest life cycle costs
  • Developments to ensure highest efficiency, reliability, and performance
  • Largest inventory of parts available on site to ensure quick turnaround of proper components
  • Start-up service labor available, which eliminates unknown added costs
  • Upgrades include the newest technologies to comply with today’s latest National Electrical Code (NEC) standards
  • 24/7/365 support (service and parts)
  • Fully tested prior to shipment

Can you risk unexpected downtime? Use–and keep on-hand–OEM certified and properly tested parts from Inductotherm Corp.

Keep Your System Running at Peak Performance

Maintain your melting system’s high level of quality, reliability, safety and performance by using only recommended and authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts purchased from Inductotherm Corp. Using substitute or unauthorized parts can cause equipment malfunction, resulting in equipment or property damage, including injury to personnel. Never accept third-party imitations.

Typical “Recommended Spare Parts” List

Each Inductotherm power supply unit is shipped with a “Recommended Spare Parts” List that is unique to that unit. This list covers all major assemblies and sub-assemblies used to manufacture your specific unit. To prevent unnecessary downtime, we recommend that each customer stock the items listed under recommended spares. Rest assured that we take the time to put you first. Our experts understand that the expense of stocking larger items which rarely give trouble is not readily justified and for that reason Inductotherm continues to maintain our large inventory of readily available parts that can be shipped out immediately.

Parts commonly found on a “Recommended Spare Parts” List include:

ACI Phase Rotation Fuse
ACI Firing Module (Booster)
ACI Pulse Transformer Module
Inverter Active Firing Module
Door Interlock Fuse
Control Board
Control Power Fuse
Main Power Fuses
Inverter SCR
Inverter Diode
Filter Capacitor
Tank Capacitor
Control Power Fuse
Control Transformer Fuse

If you are unable to locate your list, please contact your District Manager today or call us at 609.267.9000 to speak to an expert in our Aftermarket Services Department.