Safety, Operations and Maintenance Courses



An overview of the core concepts and theory behind induction melting and heating as it relates to Inductotherm’s VIP® units, VIP-I® units and induction furnaces systems. Also discussed are the numerous innovative technologies which Inductotherm proudly offers, and are commonly regarded as the industry standard in induction technologies, which provide their customers with the competitive edge in their respective industries.


The Inductotherm Foundry Safety Training program is a key tool in ensuring your team has knowledge and awareness of the various, potentially deadly, safety factors that inherently surround working in a foundry environment; as well as working with high voltage electrical systems, which are the backbone of induction technologies. This program is recommended and provided complementary to anyone in the foundry industry and is part of Inductotherm’s ongoing commitment to the industry. Plan for success by participating in an instructor lead presentation of the program that is complete with Q&A sessions with industry experts, recommendations on how to guide your team to promote safety practices and a knowledge assessment review to ensure participants have an opportunity to clarify any questions on the program material.


Inductotherm power supply systems are comprised of numerous components which work in tandem to deliver the performance and reliability that our customers rely on. Discussed are the individual components, the role they play in the system, guidelines for maintaining power system components and considerations surrounding optimizing power system performance.


The brains of Inductotherm systems are our cutting-edge control boards, modules and system control interface technologies. Understanding the function and capabilities of these technologies is critical to ensuring you can unlock the full potential of your system. The focus of this session is the industry standard Inductotherm VIP® Z-Control Board, its complementary modules and system control technologies. Sessions III and IV turn the focus to the next-generation standard Inductotherm VIP® EZ-Control Board, its complementary modules and integrated standard HMI system control technologies.


The backbone of our melt systems are the world-class melting furnaces that have been designed, from the foundation up, to provide our customers the ability to access the full potential of their Inductotherm power supplies. Understanding the maintenance and operational guidelines for our furnace designs is critical to your team’s success. Join us for discussions on Inductotherm’s recommendations for furnace preventive maintenance, an overview of the various furnace components and review of the functional operations of the standard furnace subsystems.


Water systems maintain the delicate balance of power and efficiency, inside the furnace and power supply of induction systems. Inductotherm’s water systems are designed to keep all components of the system at its ideal operating condition. Areas of discussion include 1) preventive maintenance best-practices for water systems; 2) factors that govern the efficiency of the water system; 3) the importance of the water type, and water quality, in maximizing the system’s efficiency; and 4) a look at the components and controls of the standard Inductotherm A-type, B-type, C-type and N-type water systems.


Owning a world-class Inductotherm system is part of the success when it comes to maximizing your company’s operations; another crucial component is understanding the Inductotherm recommended system operation best practices. Join us for a unique session that explores Inductotherm’s standard operational best practices; discussion of how beneficial these practices can be, to your team’s success; and clarification of some common misconceptions and improper practices which exist throughout the induction melting and heating industry.


Inductotherm strives to design its systems using the latest, and greatest, industry-standard technologies; intended to give our valued customers the competitive edge in their industry. As with any advanced technology, proper system maintenance cannot prevent all situations. Arm your team with the knowledge that will prepare them to confidently identify, diagnose and resolve unexpected situations, to minimize your operational down-time. Troubleshoot and resolve common areas of concern to ensure teams can be better prepared to tackle situations quickly, effectively and, above all, safely. Discussions include common warning signs, and alarms, that teams must be aware and recommended steps to maximize the effectiveness of teams’ troubleshooting efforts and recommended best-practices for system part, and component, replacement and repair.


Inductotherm’s VIP® systems implement the durable SCR-based power inversion technology. The VIP-I® series of power supplies implement an IGBT-based inverter which is ideal for many of our customer’s unique applications. IGBTs and SCRs perform the same essential function however the methodology we employ for implementation is definitive. Key differences include the primary control board, on-board diagnostics and troubleshooting skills that apply to IGBTs.


A key benefit of selecting Inductotherm, as your induction equipment supplier is that you can rely collectively on our well over two centuries-worth of industry experience to ensure you get the system that is a best-fit for your application and situation. Join us for an overview of the various VIP-I®, IGBT-based unit applications. Get to know the core concepts surrounding implementing this technology, and how its distinctive performance can benefit you.


The Inductotherm VIP-I® system implements a distinct primary control board that includes a variety of on-board diagnostic features and comprehensive HMI; including an embedded two-digit display which communicates the real-time status of your system. Plan for success by learning about the numerous distinct status codes and the steps your team can follow to expand on this information to understand your system’s operating condition.


The on-board diagnostics, and integrated HMI, give your team the information needed to effectively identify the areas of concern in your system. Interpreting this information to promote an effective resolution plan is the next step to operational success. Learn from our industry experience, about the various system trip and alarm codes; and how to troubleshoot your system quickly and effectively. Take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with us on troubleshooting tools and techniques that you can promote to target your teams’ efforts.


The differences between the operation practices of VIP-I® systems and VIP® systems are reminiscent of the contrast between VIP® Z-Control vs. VIP® EZ-Control systems; very similar core principles, with some key variations in the steps and best-practices to enact them. Join us for a special session that explores Inductotherm’s recommended operational best practices for VIP-I® system operations. Discuss how beneficial these practices can be, to your team’s success and gain insight on common IGBT-based system misconceptions, and improper practices.