Inductotherm’s coreless induction furnaces offer superior performance and outstanding durability for all your melt shop needs regardless of the size of your molten metal needs. From small capacity, precision casting operations to the largest induction melting foundry, we have the furnace that is right for you.

Heavy Steel Shell Furnace

Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces:
Our Heavy Steel Shell furnaces combine the exceptional strength of a rugged steel shell with easy accessibility. They are able to be used with our backslagging feature, push-out lining systems, weigh frames, pit guards and can be retrofitted with a variety of fume collectors and hoods to help you comply with the strictest air pollution requirements, such as MACT standards. They are ideal for melting all metals, including silicon. Along with providing excellent durability and superior performance, it is more efficient, more productive, quieter and easier to maintain than competitive furnaces.


Wide-Bodied Steel Shell Furnace Wide-Bodied Steel Shell Furnaces:
With Inductotherm’s Wide-Bodied Steel Shell furnaces, foundries are able to reduce scrap costs due to the furnaces’ significantly larger bath diameter and furnace opening. This feature allows foundries to use larger, bulkier (often less expensive) charge materials. These furnaces are ideal for installations where overhead clearances impose height limitations, and they also require shallower pit excavation for lower installation costs.


Small Steel Shell Furnace

Small Steel Shell Furnaces:
Inductotherm’s new Small Steel Shell furnace is designed to give foundries another choice in small to medium-sized furnaces.

Based on Inductotherm’s Heavy Steel Shell furnace technology, the Small Steel Shell furnace offers all the advantages of this proven furnace design but in a smaller package.


Dura-Line Furnace Dura-Line® Furnaces:
Our Dura-Line® coreless induction furnace is designed for rugged use and high-power density melting. This concept in mid-size furnaces has a body constructed of heavy cast refractory top and bottom sections with stainless steel reinforcement, providing a strong and rigid support for the heavy-duty, copper power coil and the working lining. It is ideal for medium-sized installations.

Hydraulic Tilt Dura-Line Furnace Double-Trunnion, Hydraulic Tilt Dura-Line® Furnaces:
If your induction melting and casting operation requires a precise pour into a stationary opening, Inductotherm’s Double-Trunnion, Hydraulic Tilt Dura-Line furnace offers the precision pouring control you need. This design features two separate pivot axes for a smooth and controlled pouring action.


Mini-Melt Furnace

Mini-Melt® Furnaces:
Inductotherm offers a line of small induction furnaces manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of investment casters.

They are also ideal for specialty foundries and the precious metals industry. These table-mounted and hand-held furnaces are built with materials that provide exceptional structural strength and reduced weight.


Rollover Furnace

Rollover Furnaces:
Inductotherm’s rollover furnace is ideal for close control of pouring and metal quality to produce high-end investment castings. Charge size can be accurately controlled and molds filled completely due to the added force obtained during rollover.

There is reduced incidence of refractory inclusions because the metal transfers directly into the mold with minimum refractory contact. The entire melt and pour cycle can be accomplished under inert atmosphere conditions for enhanced metal quality.


Because of the extensive range, please contact us to find out what system will best suit your needs.