Induction Melting, Heating, Holding, Pouring Systems: Galvanizing Coating Pots

Engineered for a wide range of zinc applications — including galvanize, Galvalume®, Galfan® and galvanneal — two types of coating pot technologies are available to meet different needs, and we can tailor a system to suit your specific application and budget requirements.

Channel Coating Pots

Channel Coating Pots:
Channel coating pots are recommended for galvanized, galvannealed and Galfan® coatings for several reasons: they provide satisfactory inductor refractory life for these coatings.

The rectangular shape of the channel pot, easily facilitates direct ingot feeding and are designed to hold very large volumes of metal. They are also sometimes used for Galvalume® coatings.

Channel coating pots are fabricated from heavy-gauge steel plate to support the refractory. Since they do not easily facilitate alloy changes, multiple pots are recommended when multiple alloys are produced. Channel inductors contain induction coil assemblies and a magnetic core made of special transformer sheet laminations. Reliability is enhanced with bore temperature monitoring. Preparation is completed at the installation site by being rammed with a special refractory around a consumable channel mold.


Coreless Coating Pots

Coreless Coating Pots:
Coreless coating pots are recommended when multiple alloy coatings are produced and particularly when producing Galvalume® coatings. The use of coreless pots eliminates the relatively frequent inductor changes associated with this coating. Coreless pots are designed to withstand the most severe mill environments.

A patented coil design extends below the bottom of the bath to provide superior magnetic coupling with the metal and greater electrical efficiency. The entire inductor coil is enclosed in a heavy steel shell for additional protection.


Pot Movement

Pot Movement:
Pot movement is accomplished by “Bogies” and “Lifts.” A Bogie is a heavy steel carriage consisting of a “single forging” wheel for both the driver and idler. A high-ratio gear box and multi-speed AC motor provide the drive.


Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing:
Channel and coreless coating pots can also be used for coating individual pieces in batch hot-dip galvanizing processes. These pieces could be anything from nuts and bolts to highway guardrails and lamp posts.


Because of the extensive range, please contact us to find out what system will best suit your needs.