Billet Making Systems

We offer a variety of products to help meet the demands of the billet making market by scrap or DRI (direct reduced iron) melting. The following equipment can be either directly supplied by Inductotherm or through our partnerships.

Steel Induction Melting System

Induction Melting Systems:
Our induction melting systems combine the most technologically advanced VIP® power supply systems with the most efficient Heavy Steel Shell furnaces to provide you with the fastest melt rates from cold charge to pour, and melt more pounds per kWh and kVA for lower melting costs and greater productivity.

Steel Power Ladle System

Induction Power Ladle Systems:
Induction Power Ladle Systems combine the mobility, strength and refining flexibility of a steel ladle with the melting power, stirring action and precise temperature control of an induction furnace. Carrying out all processes, from pouring to refining, in the same container reduces production steps, increases energy savings and improves metal quality.

Steel Metal Refining with AOD

Metal Refining with Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Refining Systems:
Argon Secondary Metallurgy (ASM) Systems allow precise gas manipulation to achieve the desired end result. Since stainless steels need to be further refined, oxygen, gradually replaced by argon, is blown through the molten steel to eliminate impurities.

Steel Argon Purging System

Argon Purging Systems (APS):
Argon Purging Systems (APS), applicable to purging induction melting furnaces and induction power ladle systems, help to reduce metallic inclusions to improve the overall purity of the melt. These systems are an economincal way to produce alloy steels.

Steel Ladle Refining Furnace

Ladle Refining Furnaces (LRF):
Ladle refining of liquid metal is a proven technology to produce high quality steel. A Ladle Refining Furnace is used to raise the temperature and adjust the chemical composition of molten metal. Without LRFs, higher tap temperatures are normally required from steel making furnaces due to heat losses during refining with conventional ladles.

Steel Continuous Billet Casting Machine

Continuous Billet Casting Machines:
Continuous Billet Casting Machines repeatedly perform a technique in which a shape is continuously solidified and withdrawn while it is being poured, so that its length is not determined by mold dimensions and can then be cut into various lengths.


Because of the extensive range, please contact us to find out what system will best suit your needs.